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Q: What size fit over sunglasses should I order?
A: Sizing information for each model is shown in the description. You will need to measure your prescription glasses to ensure proper fit. Measure the lens frame at it's widest point, and at it's tallest point.

Q: Are your sunglasses polarized?
A: Please check the description for each model. If the glasses are polarized, the description and/or title will say they are polarized. If the description does not say polarized, then they are not polarized.

Q: Can your blue blocking sunglasses be used indoors to block blue light from TVs and computer screens?
A: Yes, many customers purchase them for that exact purpose.

International Shipping
Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Our products are also available for sale in our Ebay Store, which is enrolled in the eBay Global Shipping Program. This allows you to purchase from us on and have the item shipped to you practically anywhere in the world at a very competitive price.

If you are contacting us about an order you placed, please include your order number from the marketplace you ordered from so we can better assist you. Thank you!

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